Natur(e)al Therapy

There is pleasure in the pathless woods, there is rapture in the lonely shore, there is society where none intrudes, by the deep sea, and music in its roar; I love not Man the less, but Nature more.     -Lord Byron

I have a chronic problem where I tend to overwork myself until the physical, mental, and emotional stress are entirely consuming. My very wise fourteen year-old brother recently named this phenomenon “The Fog”. Quarter-annually, almost as if governed by an intrinsic time-clock, the fog will creep in unnoticed and muddle things in my brain-case. For those of you that haven’t felt this way before, I have a couple of analogies that should shed light on the sensation:

1) You are horrendously hungover and your brain is accessing memories at what feels like 2 thoughts per minute. The Fog.

2) You wake up in the morning disoriented, and it takes a couple of minutes to realize where, or who, you are. The Fog.

Now fog by itself is fairly innocuous, I’m not trying to villainize it by any means. But anything that slows down or obscures thinking/feeling is definitely not a friend to me (with the exception of red wine). So when I start to feel the fog coming on, I try to find ways to de-stress. Quick fixes to give myself a reset emotionally/mentally. One of these ways is spending time outside.

It’s funny that it takes things breaking-down before we tend to take care of them. This is particularly an interesting issue in the realm of medicine. I’ve had innumerable customers talk to me about wanting to change their diet now that they have diabetes, bad cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc. Although this is always exciting news to me, and definitely beats the “Well, I took my Lipitor this morning, so I can eat all the bacon in the whole world” approach 10/10 times, it’s still unsatisfactory. It really shouldn’t take scary diagnoses to inspire us to be healthy.

It is hard to practice dedication in taking care of your body. Some mornings that 5:30 alarm for exercise before work is actually the voice of Satan. But it is so much easier to maintain health than it is to try and re-discover it. Emotional health deserves the same attention and is even harder to be aware of.

So recently I’ve been trying to make a habit of spending some time outside every day. Nature has always had a way of making me feel very pleasantly insignificant and calm. I’m hoping that doing this outdoor thing will eradicate the fog phenomenon, which is scheduled for next Tuesday it looks like. Will keep you posted.

Here’s some nature photography, in case you don’t get enough

iphone 2014 1012

iphone 2014 1024

iphone 2014 1011

iphone 2014 019

iphone 2014 018

iphone 2014 577

iphone 2014 889

iphone 2014 919

iphone 2014 906

iphone 2014 972

iphone 2014 970

*sorry about the spiders*

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