My name is Priscilla.

I’m a student at Texas A&M University (for not that much longer) and currently work in a pharmacy as a licensed drug-dealer. School has been fun, despite five major changes, overall life-direction insecurity, and a resounding distaste for academia. More and more I’ve come to realize that these feelings are fairly unanimous among college kiddos, so there is some comfort in solidarity, I guess. Despite my abhorrence for school, I will probably be subjecting myself to more in the near future… Because masochism, man. Also jobs. Look for me, I’ll be the pallid, feeble-looking one with the greasy hair and the backpack bigger than my torso.

The pharmacy gig is a typical retail position, with a few minor distinctions that I think are probably unique to pharmacy alone. For instance, yesterday I had the pleasure of informing someone (of an undisclosed gender, age, and race…Love you, HIPAA) that his/her prescription was $845 for a month supply. It went sort of like this:

“I’m not sure if this is something you’re familiar with, but the insurance doesn’t cover this one…. So the price is very high.”

“How high, exactly?”

“Uhhh, $845 for a thirty-day supply.”


“Yep. Do you want us to put that one back?”


“Alright, have a nice day!”

Next-level retail experiences, every day.

I’m optimistically hoping that one day I’ll have a job that is less bad-news delivery and more spreading love, joy, and maybe even glitter. But for now, pharmacy life keeps coffee on the table so I am trying to keep my chin up and not let people’s messenger-shooting kill the messenger.

I started this blog as kind of an outlet for myself, so the posts are liable to be random–varying from recipe/food stuff to personal thoughts on relationships, politics, etc. I’m a piss-poor writer, but a phenomenal story-teller… And God, do I have some stories. So hang with me.



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